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2011 Sri Lanka English Lecture Tour Of Zimbabwe Mufthi Ismail Menk

Mufthi Ismail Menk of Zimbabwe who is a world famous Islamic scholar and great eloquent orator of our time is once again coming to Sri Lanka this December 2011. Here is a Youtube video prepared and posted by www.slmuslims.com team for this lecture tour. After the video you find a graphic poster with details about Mufthi Menk‘s tour and agenda. As usual you will be able to listen to these lectures through www.slmuslims.com website as well as download the lectures in mp3 format later on.

As you find all the details in the beautiful tour poster you find below I need not repeat it here except to humbly request you to make room in your busy schedules and try to attend atleast one lecture. I went to his lectures the last two times he was in Colombo in 2009 and 2010. I was very impressed with his unique and attractive style of speaking and have since then listened to many more lectures of his on Youtube and also by downloading the lectures through his website which is at  www.muftimenk.co.za

mufthi islamil menk

Because I frequently download Mufthi Menk’s lectures and listen to them, most of the time repeatedly while I travel or work on the computer, I remember lot of things he says and I have tried take them to my heart and implement them in my life. I hope you will do the same.


Your brother in Islam

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